Eclipx Group vehicles

A $50 million CEFC-financed package is providing the Eclipx Group’s corporate, government and not-for-profit vehicle fleet buyers with access to favourable loan interest rates when choosing eligible, lower emissions passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Project scope

Australian fleet buyers and lessees can play a key role in increasing the number of lower emissions vehicles on our roads, as well as supporting new solutions such as electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

Eclipx has more than $1.7 billion of fleet assets under management or financed across Australia and New Zealand. This represents more than 10 per cent of the Australian-funded commercial vehicle leasing market. Eclipx Group brands include FleetPartners, FleetPlus, FleetChoice, AutoSelect,
CarLoans.com.au and Eclipx Commercial.

Looking to the future

With light vehicles alone accounting for an estimated 10 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, there is a significant potential for environmental gains as well as improved productivity and reduced operating costs by cutting light vehicle emissions. Focusing on fleet buyers is an important mechanism for encouraging an accelerated uptake of lower emissions vehicles, with this CEFC finance demonstrating how alternative funding structures can finance lower emissions technologies.

Eclipx is committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions through the increased use of energy efficient vehicles. Many of our customers, including publicly-listed companies, government and not-for-profit entities, are acutely aware and concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. Eclipx CEO
Doc Klotz