community housing

The CEFC is lending up to $60 million to one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit community housing providers, St George Community Housing (SGCH) to develop high performing energy efficient homes that directly benefit tenants through lower energy bills.

Project scope

SCGH is building more than 200 new energy efficient homes in Sydney’s south. They will be industry best practice of an average seven star rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

The first families are already living in new energy efficient homes, with SGCH completing seven townhouses and villas in 2015-16. Energy saving measures including rooftop solar, LED lighting, high performance ceiling and wall insulation, and energy efficient windows that block out heat and cold. The retrofit component of the program is on track to deliver energy efficiency measures to approximately 1,400 very low and low income households, with SGCH contracting social enterprise, Your Town, to install draught-proofing and LED lights.

Progress report

In July 2016, SGCH and the CEFC won the Best Partnership Award at the NSW Federation of Housing Associations Awards for Excellence in Community Housing. The judges described the SGCH partnership with the CEFC as “visionary, innovative, and nationally significant. It has strong outcomes for clients and the community, and will have a lasting impact across the broader sector”.

Looking to the future

The CEFC is offering long-term finance to support other community housing providers finance new dwellings containing a range of energy efficiency measures and built to an average seven star rating under NatHERS. The CEFC is aiming to finance the construction of as many as 1,000 new energy efficient community housing dwellings Australia-wide.

The partnership between SGCH and CEFC ensures that the new homes SGCH is building, and the retrofitted properties, are highly energy efficient. This will reduce the daily living expenses for tenants and the operational costs for the organisation. We can divert these savings to new and improved housing products and services. This means we can invest more in high quality, sustainable and affordable housing projects in Sydney. SGCH Group CEO
Scott Langford